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What we do

Wellanova was set up to help a wide range of organisations, work sectors, and communities to a better standard of health through nutrition-based programmes.

We aim to generate funding and provide nutrition led programmes through a myriad of diverse partnerships throughout the UK that benefit those who don't have access to adequate nutrition. Our belief is that everyone should have access to healthy food and nutrition, and we

 want to help reduce health inequalities and increase well-being in a diverse range of individuals, families, workforces and communities.

Our Work

We can work with a number of organisations, from public and private work sectors to corporate entities and local communiites in a number of ways to ensure the programmes we invest in have the greatest possible reach to support sustainable and long term solutions that will lead to change.

Reduce impact on the NHS

We love the NHS.  By educating generations to wellness through nutrition, we believe we can make a real shift towards prevention of health crises and reduce the long-term pressure on one of the great institutions of our country. We will partner with NHS services to provide holistic care packages to those most in need and support our NHS partners in delivering nutrition services for a number of health initiatives.  

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We can deliver accessible and interactive nutritional education programmes within schools, workplaces and communities by working with nutrition-based health professionals across a number of disciplines to provide the support and framework needed to deliver on these interventions.

Adult Education Course


We connect a community of people with a passion for their wellbeing through personalized nutrition.

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Our Work

Experts Panel

Research, Policy and Advocacy

Many opportunities exist at the national and local level to strengthen policies that ensure all children, young people and/or those in disadvantaged communities have access to healthy meals. Wellanova will look to work and help guide support policy change that improves access to programmes that will be of benefit to the health of the community.

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Capacity Building & Legacy

We want to affect real, long lasting change.  Following our programmes, we envision as legacy of young nutritional educators and a community of diverse groups who will be empowered to affect systemic, long term change in their schools, workplaces, families, communities.

WellaNova Network

Wellanova work in partnership with community-based leaders, organizations and networks to build a movement for a just and equitable food system in the UK. By supporting and promoting Wellanova, our work and projects to build capacity for community organizing and to accelerate the collective impact of community - based strategies for food justice.

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