Our Why

Wellanova’s founders envision a society of Healthy People, Powered by Nutrition. We bring that vision to life through our mission to equip individuals, organizations and networks to help bring solutions for their own families, communities and regions.

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Family Cooking

Our Values

Fresh Produce

Food as Medicine

Nutrition should be at the core of our health to prevent and reverse disesase. Good food should be a right not a privilege.

Petri Dishes


There is a growing body of evidence and science to support nutrition and its impact on our wellbeing and overall health

Therapy Session


Nutrition and nutritional therapy programmes belong at the heart of our healthcare culture, community and system and we should look to equip and empower communities to integrate nutrition into their work

Key to Success


Every child and adult deserves access to healthy food and in conjunction with education, this will empower them to make healthier choices

Trees From Above


Nutrition is a wide and diverse range of providers including food growers, scientists, academics, policymakers, healthcare professionals and corporations which we will look to access through funding and grant aids for the benefit of bespoke projects