Nutrition Change Makers

We believe that diet and nutrition should be at the forefront of every education system. We want to help reduce health inequalities and incorporate programmes that increase well-being in a diverse range of individuals, families, workforces and communities.   

Our Projects 

We want to go into public, private and third sector workplaces, offering workshops and long term programmes (subsidised for public and third sector) with fully qualified dieticians and nutritional therapists that debunk diet myths, reject popular fads, use the power of food as medicine and bring health back to basics; give individuals, workers, families and communities a good level of literacy, knowledge and education with sustained programmes in nutrition to empower them to make healthy choices and lead longer, happier lives.  

We aim to go into schools and lead educational projects through cross-school “health councils”, empowering children and young people with awareness of their own human rights to proper food, nutrition and water and take part in exciting and innovative projects to engage with health and wellbeing. 


The outcomes we are aiming to achieve is for nutrition to become more of a focus than it has been before and build an awareness in communities that it should be a right and not a privilege to have access to healthy food, nutrition and water. Wellanova aims to build and support effective partnerships built on trust and solidarity allying with a number of different organizations and trusts with a shared long-term commitment to the capacity building and resourcing of communities who are in need of assistance.  We need to affect change now, so that generations of healthy children can grow, learn, work and live the healthy, happy lives they deserve. This, of course, will have a positive effect on local employment and training which will benefit the community at large.  


The project beneficiaries are wide ranging.  Through our primary school education programmes we will help children in Key Stages 1 and 2.  Print, multimedia resources and activity packs will contain activities for all ages; resulting in an intergenerational skills share: fundamental in familial nutrition and in the wider community.  Children will take their knowledge home; parents will be encouraged to engage with their children’s nutritional education and learn themselves along the way.    

We will be offering community nutrition education programmes and nutritional therapy to adult groups through partnerships, public sector contracts and social prescribing networks. We envisage some of these groups including those with addiction issues, mental health difficulties, homeless groups, adults with health issues including obesity and diabetes, and older people.