Green Goodness

Why Nutrition?

A global epidemic of diet related disease has prompted using food as a formal part of patient care and treatment, with the role of nutritionists and dieticians becoming a lot more critical to patient care. 

With suboptimal diet being one of the main causes of death both in the UK and globally, a more nutrition centric approach within the healthcare system is an opportunity to offer evidence-based food, nutrition and nutritional therapy interventions to play a key role in the prevention, management, treatment and in some cases the reversal of disease. This not only benefits the individual and the community at large but there is data to suggest this could positively affect the healthcare system with reduced usage and costs.  Not only will it reduce healthcare costs but it can reduce the work burden on doctors and nurses and all the support staff in the NHS. 

Furthermore, nutritional interventions that are effective for individuals can affect overall population health and shape future food and health policy reform. Although, healthcare systems are a logical delivery or connection point for food is medicine and more nutritional interventions, integration depends on many factors with sustainable funding being one. With more partnerships, grants and funds, this will give us the leverage to work with participating organisations, attract new ones, giving us the resources to work with different communities and bespoke projects where food and nutrition become a primary focus for reform.