Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization


Rob Staunton

Director and Co Founder

Rob comes from senior positions in digital advertising who has for the past ten years has been responsible for setting up strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top tech companies. His journey into health and nutrition began over 20 years ago when he discovered the power of nutrition and healthy eating and how it can impact every level of health: emotionally, spiritually and physically. A recent serious illness saw a full recovery through nutrition and nutritional therapy cemented his desire to see this modality being at the forefront of public health and he fully believes in the ‘food as medicine’ mantra. He went on to study Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and believes that fundamental changes at grassroots need to be made for everyone to have access to healthy and nutritious foods. His experience of building foundational partnerships, coupled with his passion and knowledge of nutrition puts him in a fantastic position to drive the various initiatives forward and drive a successful outcome in what is such an important topic.


Beverley Gould

Director and Co Founder

Bev has worked as a funding, compliance and contracts professional within the third sector for the last twenty years.  She has worked on a number of projects, including improving referral pathways for asylum seekers and refugees recovering from trauma, developing robust support services for survivors of sexual violence, and fighting for advocacy and fair representation for welfare benefit tribunal claimants. With experience of managing United Nations, European Commission, and Big Lottery projects and a wider range of national trusts’ grants she will ensure at Wellanova that funding, quality, monitoring, evaluation and reporting standards are met, adhering to the constitutional and legal requirements of a not-for-profit social enterprise.   
Bev’s interest in nutrition grew from an early life of negotiating food poverty, and later investigation into healthier choices following the diagnosis of a heart condition; through proper nutrition education she has been able to improve her wellbeing and that of her family’s.  She wants to see a fairer society where health inequalities don’t exist, food poverty is obsolete and high-quality nutrition education and therapeutic nutritional treatments are available to all; the tenets of what Wellanova is striving to achieve.